Our new project for 2014/15

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The 'Pollination Street' project has evolved from our 'creating a buzz' project. Based on the feedback we got from 'creating a buzz' participants and our desire to spread the project across the city from East to West, we have  developed this, our new project. 'Pollination Street' will hopefully involve a wider audience as well as give more people the opportunity to learn about pollinators and their importance in our food production. We also continue to be committed to delivering our project as creatively as possible, merging arts with ecology.

We will raise awareness of the issues around pollination by delivering a series of creative workshops. Working with groups including schools, community groups, community allotments and the general public who will use their own gardens, back yards and communal spaces to encourage the growth of wild flowers and wildlife. We want to encourage people to use their own spaces however small...

The project will use educational workshops and a variety of art forms: photography, sculpture, painting, printing, ceramics, mosaics and social media, to raise awareness of the importance of bees and pollinators. This will be documented online using our existing blog: creatingabuzz.wordpress.com, on facebook and this website.

Participants will learn skills in a variety of art forms gaining a connection with the land around them and its versatility as a place for growth and change. Those involved in the project will be given the opportunity to choose an art technique or project to explore and create artworks looking at our relationship with bees and pollinators. This will culminate in a final exhibition documenting and celebrating the project.


Creating a buzz

Creating a buzz

Go and visit our facebook page or check out our  creating a buzz blog
"The new Bee Entrance was a "Fabulous project that involved people from a variety of groups, including the Comfrey Project and volunteers from Scotswood Natural Community Garden. Visitors to the garden are impressed by the carvings and the mosaics, while lots of bees, and other pollinating insects, are impressed by the range of nectar-laden flowers that have been made available to them. I am looking forward to seeing the plants mature over the next few years to be appreciated by both people and insects."

Chris Francis
Project Director
Scotswood Natural Community Garden

'Creating a Buzz’ was a project that ran from April 2011 to June 2012  at Scotswood Community Garden in Newcastle.

Hive Arts delivered workshops to groups at Scotswood Garden and local schools to raise awareness of the plight of the bee and create mosaics. Participants contributed to the blog, reported on the progress of the project and gave helpful tips on how to make outdoor spaces more bee and butterfly friendly.

Ideas for a new entrance for Scotswood Natural Community Garden